November & NaNoWriMo

I’m sad to announce that I got little done with NaNoWriMo this year. Multiple uni assignments reared their ugly heads, and exams worth 60% of my grade made it difficult to carve away any time to write. The time that I did manage to find was spent stressing about not studying – so alas, I decided to extend NaNoWriMo and track my progress through December instead.

I’ve been  listening to a fantastic podcast lately called “So you want to be a writer” by Valerie Khoo and Allison Taite. They discuss recent writing news and author interviews. Their weekly chats about the world of writing seem to inspire me to bring out my laptop and continue on.

My main novel, ‘When the Truth Hurts,’ will follow the story of two women who are called to Sydney only to get swept up in a world of mystery as they try to unearth the true story behind two of their family members deaths. A terminal illness and average career that was anything but, and a suicide that wasn’t a suicide at all. It will focus on the strength, and the faults of family whilst exploring the the crime scene in the 1980’s, Australia.

I hope to introduce a number of subplots to deepen the story and explore quite a few characters and themes. I have a brief outline of who stabs who in the back, and how the villains became evil in the first place, but much is yet to be discovered as I move forward. I would greatly appreciate any feedback or comments, so please comment on each post, stay updated by following this site or even use the ‘Contact Me’ page to send me a quick email.

Part 5 will be published Monday Morning.

All the best,


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